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US Route 2 trestle...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Tussling with the future of the US Route 2 trestle

The US Route 2 trestle from Lake Stevens to Everett needs some TLC, and the state is looking for your input on its future.
19 hours ago
Photo: A Washington State ferry pulls up to the dock on March 29, 2020 in Edmonds, Washington....
Julia Dallas

Why were Washington ferries out of service this weekend?

It's been a tough Memorial Day weekend for those using Washington ferries as many travelers have been faced with cancellations.
2 days ago
Image: Traffic on Interstate 5 passes through downtown on Nov. 28, 2013, in Seattle. Seattle, locat...
Steve Coogan

The holiday weekend is here, but traffic still could slow drivers down

AAA notes that traveling by car is appealing for many during a holiday weekend because of the flexibility it provides. But it brings traffic.
4 days ago
sound transit violent attacks...
Chris Sullivan

Sound Transit CEO on recent violent attacks: It’s ‘my job to restore confidence’ in public transit

Just how concerned are you about your safety while riding the light rail? Three violent attacks this year have many people concerned about crime on the trains.
6 days ago
Image: Members of the community hold oversized scissors as part of a ceremony to mark the completio...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Oversized scissors, shovels used to celebrate I-405 project progress

The Washington State Department of Transportation used big scissors and more to celebrate the Interstate 405 project north of Bellevue.
8 days ago
Photo: Alaska Airlines planes at Sea-Tac Airport....
Julia Dallas

Why was Sea-Tac Airport so busy Sunday? Will it get worse?

Warmer weather means a busy summer travel season is ahead. Visitors may find longer than usual lines at Sea-Tac Airport and delays.
9 days ago
Image: Interstate 5 north in Everett was shut down and blocked on Thursday, May 16, 2024. The closu...
Steve Coogan

I-5 north in Everett reopens after officer-involved shooting left suspect dead

Interstate 5 north in Everett at US 2 reopened late Thursday after an officer-involved shooting left one suspect dead.
12 days ago
traffic circles roundabouts...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Seattle’s traffic circles are not roundabouts

Traffic circles are not roundabouts. The words are not interchangeable, and the rules for navigating them are different.
13 days ago
Photo: SR 520 between Seattle and Bellevue....
Julia Dallas

SR 520 toll rates will increase this summer, here’s how much:

SR 520 tolls will be going up to pay for construction. Toll rates for new sections of SR 167 and SR 509 are also being discussed.
14 days ago
I-405 truck fire...
Frank Sumrall

Truck fire shuts down I-405, 2 lanes now open

All lanes of I-405 heading north at Sunset Boulevard in Renton were blocked due to a major truck fire. The HOV lane is now open.
15 days ago
Photo: Everett northbound I-5 near Lowell Road....
Micki Gamez

Brace for delays: Everett Revive I-5 is back

It's been over a year since the last downtown Everett Revive I-5. Work starts Friday, May 10, and lasts until Monday.
19 days ago
airport expansion...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Airport expansion in high gear as summer travel approaches

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is undergoing a massive construction project expansion, making drop-offs and pickups better.
20 days ago
graffiti drone...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Has tagging met its match with WSDOT’s ‘graffiti-battling’ drone?

Taggers, you are on notice. The state of Washington is coming after you with a high-tech gadget: The world's first graffiti-battling drone.
22 days ago
Snohomish River Bridge Everett...
Chris Sullivan

Four-month closure just weeks away for Snohomish River Bridge in Everett

Ninety-seven winters have taken their toll on the Snohomish River Bridge in Everett. It's time to shut it down for some much-needed repairs.
27 days ago
rest area...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Rest area blues and its dire situation on the I-5 corridor

87% of the buildings at the state's rest areas were rated in critical condition, and it's expected to cost between $375-525 million to renovate them.
29 days ago
Photo: A prototype drone test sprays paint to cover up graffiti in Tacoma in spring 2024....
Chris Sullivan

It’s not science fiction: A drone that removes graffiti has arrived

WSDOT says the idea is a drone used this way "makes quick work of painting over graffiti on tall retaining walls, bridges and overpasses."
29 days ago
east link 2-line opening...
Nate Connors

Sound Transit’s East Link 2-Line is online

The grand opening of Sound Transit's East Link 2-Line is finally here, set for Saturday, April 26 after 18 years of anticipation.
1 month ago
I-5 accidents federal way...
Frank Sumrall

Multiple I-5 accidents near Federal Way, Kent clog up highway

All lanes heading north on I-5 in Federal Way were blocked off after a semi-truck suffered a rollover collision. The lanes have since reopened.
1 month ago
Bellevue cops light rail...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: Bellevue to have cops on Eastside light rail trains

You can expect to see uniformed Bellevue cops riding the light rail trains on the Eastside when service between Bellevue and Redmond begins on Saturday.
1 month ago
restricted parking zones...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: A guide to Restricted Parking Zones for any confused drivers

Deciphering the language on some parking signs can be difficult, and I am here to answer any questions regarding Restricted Parking Zones.
1 month ago
Photo: A driver uses a phone while behind the wheel of a car on April 30, 2016 in New York City....
Micki Gamez

AAA: Washington is one of the worst states for distracted driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and to to shine a light on the subject, AAA Washington has teamed up with Safe Drive Club.
1 month ago
Image: The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) closed part of Interstate 90 on Fr...
Steve Coogan

I-90 reopens after a closure due to an emergency tree removal

I-90 reopened after needing to close Friday afternoon due to an emergency tree removal, the Washington State of Transportation said Friday.
1 month ago
I-405 expansion...
Chris Sullivan

Sullivan: I-405 expansion to widen freeway in Bothell is underway

We've all seen I-405 expanding between Bellevue and Redmond, but construction to widen the freeway north of Bothell is now underway as well.
1 month ago
revive i-5 seattle...
Nate Connors

I-5 repair work to slow spring breakers, baseball fans this weekend

Beginning Friday night, three lanes of I-5 north between Albro Place and the West Seattle Bridge through Monday morning at 5 a.m.
2 months ago