Ensuring pet safety on the road with Saving Great Animals, Carter Subaru

Apr 1, 2024, 12:00 AM

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When it comes to traveling with furry friends, pet safety is a top priority. (Carter Subaru)

(Carter Subaru)

SPONSORED — When it comes to traveling with furry friends, pet safety is a top priority.

Saving Great Animals in Seattle, along with Carter Subaru, outlined valuable tips to ensure four-legged family members are secure during car rides.

“We’re talking about all the different ways you can travel safely with your pet,” Lily, an advocate from Saving Great Animals said.

She demonstrated three safety options: a harness clip, a seatbelt harness and a crate.

Using harness clips for pet safety

The harness clip is a simple yet effective tool.

One end attaches to the dog’s harness, while the other clips into the seatbelt.

This method keeps the dog anchored, providing safety in the event of sudden stops.

Seatbelt harness: A dual-function

The seatbelt harness serves a dual purpose, acting as both a harness and a safety restraint.

“This is a seatbelt harness so it’s going to work like a normal harness would on a dog,” Lily said as she demonstrated.

The dog wears the harness and the car’s seatbelt goes under the back of the harness, ensuring the pet is safely strapped in.

Keeping your pet safe on the road using crates

“Another option to keep your dog safe while you’re traveling is to put them in the crate in the car,” Lily said.

For those who prefer crates, Lily noted the importance of making sure the crate is secure. She also said dogs should have their leashes on them while in the crate, just in case they try to jump out when the owner opens the door.

Comprehensive travel tips for pet safety

In addition to the methods shared by Lily, here are some comprehensive pet travel tips to consider:

Always make sure pets are safely restrained while traveling. Owners can even use a pet barrier to minimize distractions and enhance safety.

Pet owners should never leave animals unattended as cars can face extreme temperatures, leading to health risks.

Owners should also regularly stop on road trips to allow pets to stretch and take bathroom breaks.

Along with taking breaks, packing the necessities is vital. Therefore, owners should have food, water and anything their pet might need throughout the day.

If a pet gets lost, a collar with contact information and microchipping can help it to be returned.

Owners should also plan for emergencies and know the location of pet-friendly rest stops and veterinary clinics.

Along with pet safety, Saving Great Animals offers a plethora of training resources for pet owners.

The organization’s guide covers barking, basic training, common behavioral issues, crate training and fear and anxiety. It also offers resources for leash training, potty training, puppy training, separation anxiety, territorial behavior, impulse control and enrichment.

Owners can find the training guide here.

Saving Great Animals ‘envisions a future where every dog is valued’

Saving Great Animals has been instrumental in rescuing dogs from euthanasia, neglect, and abandonment. Its mission aligns with Carter Subaru’s ethos of giving back to the community, as seen through its Subaru Love Promise. Together, they strive to find forever homes for rescue dogs, enriching the lives of both pets and families.

“We envision a future where every dog is valued and cherished, and where our rescue efforts inspire others to take action and make a difference in the lives of dogs in need,” Saving Great Animals’ website writes.

Saving Great Animals said their mission is to ethically rehabilitate and re-home dogs.

“We are committed to ensuring that each dog finds the right forever home, by making thoughtful and informed matches between dogs and adopters in order to break the cycle of abandonment and to prevent dogs from re-entering the shelter system,” the organization’s website writes.

Right now, 44 dogs are available for adoption through Saving Great Animals. Zola the “cutest little pittie pup,” Romeo a “gorgeous shep boy” and Cotton a “sweet shy boy” are just a few.

According to Saving Great Animals’ website, most of the dogs are in foster care so the potential owner will get to meet them in a home environment.

Those not able to adopt, but are interested in getting involved can become a volunteer, sponsor or foster a dog.

Carter Subaru partners with Saving Great Animals

Carter Subaru is renowned for its commitment to community and safety. Their partnership with Saving Great Animals underscores their dedication to animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

The company has also partnered with Pasado’s Safe Haven, along with the Woodland Park Zoo, to investigate instances of animal cruelty and give abandoned pets a brighter future.

Traveling with pets requires careful planning and consideration. By following the safety tips and supporting organizations like Saving Great Animals and Carter Subaru, the community can ensure pets are not only passengers but also cherished family members.

For more information on pet safety and adoption, visit Great Animals’ website. Let’s make every journey with pets safe and enjoyable while giving back to those who need it most.


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Ensuring pet safety on the road with Saving Great Animals, Carter Subaru